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A New Series of Books from Dr. Philip Emma...

These are the first books in what will become a longer series. They feature a husband and wife detective team named Mick and Carol Maux. (Note that "Maux" is a french name - pronounced like "Mouse.")

Mick and Carol are a vibrant couple who live in a nice house on a private wooded lot in Connecticut. Mick is a scientist who made lots of money and retired fairly young. Mick is brilliant, but eccentric: he tends to view the world from odd angles. Carol is beautiful and logical. While Mick tends to get wild ideas about how to solve certain crimes, Carol brings those ideas down to earth, and makes them practical.

Mick and Carol don't need the money: they work on certain cases because they're interesting.

Their clients tend to be very wealthy people in the tristate region (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) who want their private matters kept private.

The books are filled with conundrums and various logical puzzles. The idea is to provoke thought and learning in the reader. There's no gore or explicit sex. The idea is simply entertainment and amusement. I hope that in addition to being entertained, the readers will learn some interesting things...





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