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My Favorite Books

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

I'm not going to list books for you here; there are many. The purpose of this post is merely to identify the three main reasons that I'm drawn to any particular book. There are very different reasons for finding books compelling. These are the three that touch me.

First, a book that teaches something new, and/or that creates a new pattern of thinking within the reader is invaluable. Is it literature? That's not its' purpose.

Second, a book can be very entertaining. It can tell a great story, and use colorful descriptions and language. Books like this are absorbing. Some become movies. But frankly, a comic book can do this too. And I'm not knocking comic books - I was an avid reader of them when I was a child.

And third, the writing itself can serve as a paragon. I've read books in which the writer is obviously highly educated, and puts sentences together beautifully, using (what seem to be) the exact right words and phrases to describe things. The story in these is almost besides the point; it's the writing that's beautiful. Most of these do not become movies. And you have to read the book to understand why it's so great.

Again, I enjoy all three. And for three different reasons.

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